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In Memory of Shimmer



Our Beloved Oklahoma Shimmering Sun
30 October 2005 – 13 December 2013
One day Momma was on the chase
To find another furry face
There I found a beautiful Shimmer
A toothy smile and eyes that glimmered
We drove to Oklahoma to pick you up
And took you home to be our new and loving pup
A best friend, a soul mate and a daughter over the years you became
Any time you wanted to play; a ball to fetch was your favorite game
You were the best to snuggle with and to kiss
That our hearts ache not to have that fulfilling bliss
We loved how you ‘Momma Hawked’ us just to be pet
We would do anything in order to make sure your needs were met
A bed hog, a snorer and an exceptionally interesting blanket fluffer
There is no dog that we ever met that seemed to be tougher
You hated vegetables that were green
We know you loved us all because you were never mean
You protected us all and gave us your love
We know you are watching us from Heaven above
Shimmer girl you gave us a great deal
That words can’t describe how long it will take to heal
May you run and be free in Rainbow Bridge
Jump and leap with other Frenchies over every ridge
Smile, our love, and be content
Daddy, Mommy and Chuckie knew that the last three years were a blessed event….
xoxox Shim-Shims…Love you girl! Chrissie and Kevin Vadnais