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In Memory of Sadie


On Monday, April 15, 2013, Sadie, a wonderful French bulldog who was a loving companion to Mary Jo Middlebrooks, lost her battle with cancer.  Sadie was born on August 18, 2004.  Her AKC name was “Bridgecreeks Summertime Livin’ EZ.”   Sadie’s first family, headed by Debra Revel, lives in Carrollton, Texas.  During her life there, she delivered seven beautiful puppies, and was known as a great mother to them.
 In July, 2009, she came to Jackson, Tennessee to live with Mary Jo.  Sadie came to work at the law office every day, and often greeted clients and friends.  She was also a social butterfly, appearing in The Jackson Sun, VIP Magazine and The City News, among other publications.  She regularly attended legal seminars, the local meetings and State conferences for Business & Professional Women and the Tennessee Women’s Economic Summit.  She was a good traveler, too.  She traveled by air and by car for vacations, and was known for her quiet demeanor.  Although French bulldogs are not known for being water dogs (they cannot swim), Sadie loved it when the water hose was turned on.  She would leap high in the air for a chance to get wet or play in the sprinkler when the opportunity presented itself.
Sadie never complained.  She was pleased to love and be loved.  She especially loved small children.  After her diagnosis in April, 2012, her life was significantly extended through the exceptional care and treatment of Dr. John Godbold and his assistants, Tami and Jennifer, of the Stonehaven Park Veterinary Hospital of Jackson, Tennessee.  She was also assisted by the fine doctors and staff of Memphis Veterinary Specialists of Memphis, Tennessee.