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In Memory of Ozetta Rose

On April 29, 2013, we had to let Ozetta Rose pass over. Although she was only with us a short time, she filled our hearts with much love and joy! Ozetta loved to play ball. We would roll the tennis ball across the floor and she would make sure she found a way to go and get it. She loved her daughter Antonella, she always made sure that she was by Antonella's side. My husband and I would walk Ozetta with a sling under her so she could exercize and walk with her daughter. Ozetta was also the food queen! She would lay on her bed and watch everything I did in the kitchen. She was always the first to get her meals or her snacks.
I wish we could have taken her in at a much younger age to prevent some of the problems that she had, but I know deep down in my heart that she is in peace! She is running and bossing all of the other doggies around! Ozetta is greatly missed by my family and her daughter.
We love you Ozetta Rose.