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In Memory of Ginger Bush

In August of 2003, I drove from Cincinnati to Baltimore to pick up Ginger. We had two Bullmastiffs at the time and were a bit worried they might be too rough with her. To our surprise she immediately let them know who was the boss. They were young dogs at the time and she was an expert mother. She mothered them, when they passed, she mothered another two litter mate Bullmastiffs and also a rescued English Mastiff. She outlived all our giant breeds. In June of 2012 we decided to bring a Frenchie puppy into our home. We brought Kelly home and Ginger took over her duties as mother and gave him all her love and guidance. Yesterday we lost Ginger at 14 years of age. My heart is heavy with her loss but I am also happy to think about her wonderful life she had with us. It was an honor to share our lives with her. Even though Kelly was not from her own litter, I still feel like I have a part of her here with us. Thank you for FBRN.