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In Memory of Birdie


Birdie came to me shortly after my dear Brie passed away, having succumbed to cancer. She was a darling little girl who wanted so badly to dance. Unfortunately, her body just wasn't able. A week before I was to bring her home, she went down in the rear. When the FBRN foster mom asked me if I still wanted her, something told me "YES!" and was I ever blessed to have her with me these 18 months. She recovered from her episode, but more followed. During our brief time together, this camera-shy little girl found out what living in a loving home with lots of room to run and squirrels to chase could be like. Even though her beginnings were troubled and much of her life was lived in pain due to a badly damaged spine, she triumphed. 12 weeks ago, she had to have emergency surgery to repair damaged discs in her upper neck. Her recovery was amazing. For the first time, she was truly without pain, doing things I had never seen her do. Her Frenchie smile was as big as the Colorado sky! At last, she could dance! So, it is with incredible sadness that I had to say good by to her this morning. More discs had failed, this time in her lower back bringing more agonizing pain. Rather than endure an unknown number of surgeries, I chose to release Ms. Birdie to God. There are no good ways to say goodbye when one so sweet goes so soon. Thank you foster mom Erin and FBRN for allowing me to share my home with one more special lovebug.