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In Memory of Nala

Miss Nala was our sweet baby frenchie who in the short amount of time she spent on earth made such a big impact on our lives and touched the hearts of many.

Nala was the sweetest, most fun-loving, energetic frenchie ever who would give lots of frenchie kisses and unconditional love! Nala spent lots of her time snuggling or burying herself under her blankets but when she was awake and ready to play she would give us a run for our money chasing lizards or the neighborhood ducks! She always enjoyed playing with her frenchie brother Tito and all of her four legged fur friends at the dog park and doggie play group but if any of them stepped out of line she would show them who the boss was! It may even come to a surprise to many since frenchies are not known to be swimmers, but Nala loved to go to the beach for a swim! She also loved getting pawdicures, going for rides in the car, and most importantly going to training with Gretchen, her favorite trainer in the whole world! She was such a people pleaser and wanted to make all her humans just as happy as she was!

Miss Nala had the biggest heart a little frenchie girl can have! Literally her heart was enlarged from Congenital Heart Disease. We didn't find out Nala was born with Congenital Heart Disease until this past January when Nala was struggling to breath. We instantly got her into her regular vet where we discovered she had fluid around her lungs. She had to immediately be taken to an emergency specialist where we found out Nala was in heart failure. Thankfully the vets were able to remove fluid from her lungs giving her another chance at life. From that day on Nala had to take pills everyday, twice a day to keep her disease under control & her body healthy. Our baby girls activities were also limited due to her disease, she could no longer go swimming or take daily trips to the dog park but through everything she was always a happy girl! Every morning at the same time Nala would prop her paws up on the bed to wake me up to give her all her medicine. It was the best thing to wake up too! Nalas battle was a short one when she was taken from us only 2 months after finding out about her disease. Our sweet frenchie girl was just under 2 years old when she crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday March 17th.

If there's one thing we've learned from Nala and from trying to fight a disease is to never give up or lose hope. Live and love unconditionally as if each day were the last just like she did!

We would love for donations to be made to the French Bulldog Rescue Network in memory of our sweet baby Nala. Although we lost our baby girl frenchie to a terrible disease, we would love nothing more than to help save the other French Bulldogs and give them a second chance at life.

Carly, Anthony and Tito Baro