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Date posted: 10/28/18
Location: NM

UPDATE 8/20:

Sweet boy Handsome’s salivary gland mucocele has been diagnosed as an inoperable tumor. This tumor sometimes puts pressure on his windpipe & affects his breathing. Foster Mom along with his doctors are monitoring the tumor size & he will remain in his loving foster home for the rest of his life. 

Let's give a wonderfully gentle and warm welcome to Handsome. This boy's name sure says it all, he's quite the looker. Handsome came to us after a good Samaritan found him wandering the streets. That person took Handsome in and found him a home where he ultimately didn't get along so well with the resident dog there. So, he found himself with FBRN.

Handsome is a healthy boy that makes sure to take his supplements. He is estimated to be between 6 and 7 years old. With the exception of cataracts in both eyes and a salivary mucocele, which is an inflamed/infected salivary gland, this boy is in good health. The salivary gland will require surgery to get him into his best self. Currently this can cause him to vomit and sometimes make his little head tired.

In foster care, Handsome is working to understand it is ok to be protective of your house, but you must know who "friends" are. There are a few things that this boy dislikes. He dislikes surprises, being covered in blankets, being picked up, and having someone touch his cute little tush and back legs. He does love going for rides in the car and snoozing.

If you have a few spare pennies to send Handsome's way for his vet visits or something to keep him comfy it would be much appreciated. All that you need to do is click on the link to sponsor Handsome. Thank you!



Handsome, it will be better now, you are in good hands. From CeeCee

Buy something comfy for Handsome. Juliana Mellott

In memory of Lilo who proved that there is always hope. XOXO hepzibah hoffman-rogers

Candyce Bustos

A little something for Handsome in NM. Sending Lots of French Kisses from fellow Foster Reginald and his Pied sister Phoebe. #wikedfrenchies

Handsome, I hope you are doing well and enjoying your golden years happy and spoiled. Take care and best wishes to you and your family. -The Flaherty Ruhl Family