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Date posted: 12/21/19
Location: CA

UPDATE 8/20:

After Covid exacerbated the wait to get a cardiology appointment, we finally received an evaluation of Fitz’s condition and his prognosis. Unfortunately, his valve defect is too severe and he is not a candidate for surgical correction. As a result he cannot tolerate surgery to be neutered either.
Amazingly, handsome Fitz is generally symptom free at this time. This could end at any time though.
He is beloved by  his foster family and will spend the his remaining time with them.

How do you spell "stunning?" If you think it starts with F and ends with Z, you'd be right because it's Fitz, FBRN's newest foster Frenchie in California. At only 8 months old, this gorgeous blue-eyed wonder was tearfully surrendered due to numerous pre-existing issues. He is deaf, intact (not neutered), not quite potty trained, and has a suspected grade 4 heart murmur. But if cuteness counted for anything, this little tyke would live forever!

Fitz is definitely not short on good looks or puppy energy. He is the sweetest little peanut who also seems to have been socialized really well. He knows how to fetch, walks really well on the leash and will be working on potty training and basic obedience while in foster. And we can't forget that all important trip to the vet to evaluate his heart. Fitz won't need any funds for makeup due to his natural beauty and permanent guyliner, but he'll definitely need some donations for his veterinary workup. Click on the link to sponsor Fitz and leave some encouraging words. Even though he can't hear or read, he will be sure to feel the positivity!



Hello sweet boy! Wishing you love from Texas and hoping ya’ll come to Houston! Jax, Remy, Baxter and Emmaline.

He is more than welcome to come live with @frenchierenny. Denise Orfant

Here is to a healthy new year to you Fritz.  Love RoughShod Ranch

Darling Little Fitz, Happy New Year, buddy! Our Louie is also deaf with a heart murmur and he's 13 and a half. I hope you have a long and fun life, sweet boy! Laura & Rich Powers

Love & best wishes, Alisha

Elena Gonez

Hi Handsome! Here is a little something to help get your ready for your furever home. With looks like this, you will not have trouble finding a home. Love, Trish, Carlos & Douglass

Fitz, you are so sweet! We look forward to seeing your progress! We hope when you are ready to find a furever home we can apply for you. Lisa Scolman

Christina Goff

Brandalyn Samuels

To Fitz for his hospice care . I was really hoping to be able to adopt him one today . And am absolutely heartbroken to hear the news. Nina Duran

Fitz, I hope you are doing well and enjoying your golden years happy and spoiled. Take care and best wishes to you and your family. -The Flaherty Ruhl Family

Hi Fitz, It sounds like you have a loving family to live out your hopefully long life with. You are loved and I hope to visit you on this page for years to come. Love, Trish O'Connell

Luiza Grimberg