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Date posted: 6/15/19
Location: Northern CA

UPDATE 8/20:

Seven years after her adoption, Camile's adoptive parents were getting a divorce and Camile was returned to FBRN. Now thirteen years old, she was in rough shape and needed lots of TLC. Her ear was very badly infected. "The worst I've ever seen," declared the vet. In addition she was suffering from giardia and dry eye. 
With proper care from the vet and foster Dad's TLC she is feeling ever so much better. But after all these years she is a diva who really does not care for the company of other dogs. Foster dad has the perfect set up for her as an only dog and the center of attention. At her age and having been returned once, we're not going to force the issue. Camile will remain in FBRN, loved and cared for.

An adoption is always considered forever, but sometimes life happens. Camile’s people went through some difficult personal circumstances and had to return her to us for another chance at a forever family. But 11-year-old Camile seems used to some ups and downs--look at those ears!

Her foster family reports that she is adapting well and enjoying her new surroundings and her new human neighbors. So far, she has been unfriendly to dogs she has met, but she is tolerating her Frenchie foster sibling. She is house-trained and crate-trained, but of course she prefers to sleep in the big bed with everyone else!

As a senior, she appears to be relatively healthy, but it looks like she has some minor medical issues--itchy paws, a possible ear infection, and a dry eye. Hopefully these will be solved soon at her vet visit. To help her out, sponsor Camile, click on her photo. She would really appreciate it!



I hope you are doing well and enjoying your golden years happy and spoiled. Take care and best wishes to you and your family. -The Flaherty Ruhl Family

For pretty Camile. I hope this helps you live the best life and your foster papa buys you lots of yummy steak for dinner. Bettina Ho

Just a little something for my first foster girl.  Love you sweet girl.  Love, your first foster mom, and your foster siblings Scarlett, Ramona (and Booker, Ginger and Kip all in heaven)


Thank you foster family for saving this little beauty. Love from your fellow NorCal Frenchie friends, Lana & Archer

This is a little something for this beautiful girl in memory of another FBRN grad Dobby. Sandra Camblin

From Ralphie and Debra

Hi Camille, We hope you are feeling better and the itchies are gone! Love you, Susan & George

Kira Patel

Here's to better days ahead Camile! With love from Tashi, Boo and Theo

Sandra Quimby

Camille deserves the best that money can buy ! Here’s a tad to brighten up her “Golden Years”; all of us older girls need a little help. With love and blessings from Suzi Berg