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Date posted: 5/30/21
Location: MI

Grab your chakram and let out a war cry (or a Frenchie yodel, your choice) for our newest foster, Xena! Our very own warrior princess is now embarking on her most thrilling adventure yet--the journey from mill mama to beloved pet.

Xena's background isn't entirely clear, but we know she was bred a few times and then sold. Her behaviors lead us to believe that she spent most of her 3 years either in a cage or outside, as she isn't clear on the whole housebreaking thing and doesn't seem to understand what living in a house is all about. So, the first item of business is to teach Xena what it means to be a pet dog. Foster mom is accomplishing that with tons of love, attention, and belly rubs, which Xena is soaking up like a bat-eared sponge. And while she's a big, strong girl (30+ pounds!), our Xena is definitely a lover, not a fighter. She delights in playing with her Frenchie foster sister, and has been nothing but affectionate to everyone she meets.

Xena came to FBRN with nary a dinar to her name, so if you'd like to help her on her Quest to a Forever Home, please consider becoming her sponsor! Every little bit helps, and every cent donated goes to our dogs and their care. Xena and all of us at FBRN thank you for your support!



Beautiful little girl! william laga

Xena, Here is a little something for your quest. Us warrior women in Michigan have to stick together. I will be looking for you on the available page. Take care sweetie. - Marcy Miller


I can't wait to apply for her when she is available for adoption. It was love at first site for me. Kimberly Biederman

Linda Downey

Sending love and well wishes! Kian & Bella