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Date posted: 3/13/21
Location: Maryland

Look out--a Storm has rolled into FBRN! No need to batten down the hatches, though--this Storm only brings high gust snorts and a downpour of cute.

This black-masked baby came into rescue because her previous owners were unable to afford the continued cost of her care. Like so many Frenchies, Storm suffers from significant allergies, and her skin is a right mess. We also suspect that Storm is sight-impaired, and it's possible that she's seeing life in shadows rather than HD. No matter--just like her namesake, Storm is an absolute force of nature. Foster mom describes her as a "shining star" and a "ball full of fire," and if you saw her romping about with her canine foster siblings or playing with her stuffies, you'd have to agree! Storm is a joyful dog who acts much younger than her 8 years. She is also an absolute lollipop who can't get enough of her people and loves to snuggle up after a long day at play.

Storm came to FBRN with spunk and a can-do spirit, but she'll need more than that to get her ready for a forever home. The first item of business is to get Storm the vet care she needs to address her allergies and skin infections, and to ensure that those bright eyes remain healthy (if not fully functional). If you'd like to send a little sumthin'-sumthin' her way, just click on the Sponsor link and tell us it's for Storm. She will be sure to thank you with a kiss and a wiggle!



Selena L Lusson


Our 3-month-old Frenchie Junie has eye issues, too. We hope Storm gets the care she needs so that she can see in HD - and find a furever home! Valerie Singer

For Storm in foster care! Good luck buddy! Rebecca Collins

R Tesoriero Montoya