Date posted: 8/3/18
Location: KY

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" and this adorable bramble's name is Rubus. Just look at his mug! How could he have a bite history? Every rose has its thorn. (Insert groan.) This 7-year-old cutie patootie was indeed surrendered for biting the two youngun's in his previous family. Well, he has definitely come to the right place to find his right family.

Rubus has already found his favorite napping spots and shown off his "Sit"," Stay", and "Shake hands". His foster family is in love, describing him as "sweet and cuddly" and (mostly) "calm and squeezable." It seems, though, that when he is asked to to do something he doesn't want to do, like moving from a comfortable spot (the gall!), he has shown a bit of the reported behaviors: growling and barking (no biting). His foster family will be finding ways to best manage some of those prickly habits so he's in full bloom for his new family.

It will take more than just his good looks to learn proper manners so click on his link to sponsor Rubus. Donate to his journey as he adjusts to family life with less grumbling or leave comments in support of his "get off my lawn" approach to life. Either way, he thanks you for your encouragement!


Wishing the best for you and some new toys! Alex Perkins