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Date posted: 3/28/21
Location: NY

She's sweeter than honey and sugar, please welcome Nougat! The first six years of Nougat's life were spent producing puppies. She was surrendered to FBRN due to severe back problems.

Nougat's first stop was the emergency room where she underwent surgery for ruptured discs. During surgery, it was discovered that Nougat had a painful and severe UTI. Without medical intervention, Nougat's bladder would have ruptured, ending her life. With the support of our followers, Nougat's steep medical bills were covered. If Nougat could talk, she would thank each person individually for helping her.

With her darkest days in the rearview mirror, Nougat is ready to love and be loved. She quickly learned that snuggling is nice and so is having your very own bed! This resilient girl has come a long way in such a short time. She’s already starting to hold weight on her back legs for a few seconds at a time! She's also a fan of taking "walks" around her foster home in a sling. After impressing her foster parents with the progress she's made, she'll head over to the couch for a snooze.

No longer in a cage, Nougat is taking in the sights and sounds of the world around her. She even got to go for a stroller walk with her foster mom, which she loved! Nougat is on the road to recovery, but still has quite a way to go before hitting the available page. To help with this sweet girl’s care, please click the link above and become her sponsor.


Sabrina Lahiri

Lynn Grenci

Katalina Bernal

Kayla Moore

For sweet Nougat. Thank you for saving her.  Kandice Daggett

Ashley Parsa

Dear Nougat, The donation may be small, but the wishes for your recovery and happy ever after are huge. Donated in memory of our beloved Annabelle. The Mell Family

Linda Magglos