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Date posted: 7/5/20
Location: Iowa

When you hear the word Macintosh, chances are you either think of a computer or an apple. However, you should be thinking of our newest foster dog Macintosh! He just celebrated his 10th birthday and he is the sweetest thing we’ve seen! Macintosh started out as a breeding stud, but didn’t make the cut and was adopted as a pet. He found his way to FBRN when his family had to make the painful decision that caring for him was becoming a financial and physical hardship.

In his previous home Macintosh had surgery on his nares, two mast cell tumors removed, and his tail amputated. Unfortunately, due to conformation of the spine, his vertebrae are causing some back leg weakness. Macintosh doesn't seem to mind and he happily gets around in his cart! He needs help emptying his bladder, and for an older gent, his eye sight isn't what it used to be; but otherwise, Macintosh is in great shape.

Macintosh had a hard time adjusting to foster life. For the first few days, he didn't want anything other than his bed and his alone time. He had no interest in the usual dog things, but would come to his foster mom for a tiny bit of love and reassurance. Slowly but surely, Macintosh has started to come out of his shell and really let his personality show! He was slowly introduced to the resident dogs and is now feeling more comfy in his space.

This boy loves walks with his cart! At first he would get winded with a few steps, but his foster family is working on building his stamina. His foster family notes that Macintosh has perfected a way to make people forget social distancing rules. All he does is look at them and inch closer with his cart on his walks when he meets someone new. It seems that this boy likes to spread joy like confetti!

If you happen to have an extra dollar or two that fell between the couch cushions or between the seats in your car, please consider donating to Macintosh. All you have to do is click on the link to sponsor him. Macintosh would happily wheel on over to show his appreciation, but social distancing and all, you know!



Beverly Place

for Macintosh! I hope he gets a nice toy or treat. Kerry Ann Kearney

Prayers and love to you Macintosh! Amy Kuba

Here is something for your piggy bank Handsome. Beverly Place

Here is a little bit for your piggy bank pretty boy. Beverly Place

From Gunny

Beverly Place

Every doggy needs some pocket change for treats. Enjoy Josey and Oreo.

R Tesoriero Montoya

For macintosh, sending love to you sweet boy. Pichen Lu

Jennifer Wysocki