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Date posted: 6/6/21
Location: WI

Introducing Larry, a handsome almost-5-year-old brindle boy who made his way to us without the company of his "brothers" Darryl and Darryl (any fans of the Bob Newhart show). Larry was tearfully surrendered to FBRN after his former owners could not provide treatment for a knee injury. Then, in an unfortunate turn of events shortly before surrender, Larry suffered eye trauma from an encounter with an errant stick. The poor boy just can’t catch a break!

Larry is now recovering in his foster home from emergency eye surgery and waiting for his knee to be evaluated. He has been safely separated from the three resident canines while he heals and isn't shy about vocally protesting the isolation. Larry is also quickly learning the ancient craft of bribery as his foster mom must use lots of treats to get him used to the cone of shame and his eye drop and medication routine. If you see him sporting a little something on his lip after taking his meds, don't bother saying anything: he doesn't mind a soft-food mustache one bit.

If good looks paid the bills, Larry would be in the clear. Instead, he will have to rely on his good looks to attract supporters and sponsors. So if you've been hooked, please click on his link to donate and make sure to follow his journey as he starts feeling better. We're sure his personality will begin to shine and no one will want to miss out on that.




Rebecca Kocher


For Handsome Boy LarryBrandon Wackowski

Sponsoring Larry. Hope he gets all the love and help he needs. Lynn McLain

Sending love and best wishes! Kian & Bella


Jody Winters

Natalie Mccormick