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Date posted: 1/27/20
Location: CT

Let's welcome the adorable Kernel to FBRN. This sweet boy came to us when he was tearfully surrendered by his owner because the resident female dog was picking fights with him. Kernel is four years old, and has quickly settled in to life in his foster home.

Kernel is awaiting his vet visit, but seems to be quite the healthy gentleman. He is not fond of car rides or his kennel, the later making him cry a lot. This loving gentleman just wants to be near his people. His favorite things to do are to snuggle with his humans and give kisses and ear nibbles. He doesn't care for the cold, so a sweater or comfy pup coat would work wonders for him. He does well going outdoors to do his business. He has yet to meet the foster dogs in his family, but is just fine with his slow introductions.

If you have a few extra pennies laying around after the holiday's please consider donating some to Kernel's care or for a nice warm jacket for him. All you need to do is click on the link to sponsor him.


Stay warm, Kernel! Molly McClincy

Kernel you are such a handsome boy. It's not muhc, but I will donate more on payday. Linda Cain

cristy johnson

Cindy Kemper

Angela Jackson

Hi sweet little Kernel! We agree, wintertime in Michigan is no fun. Hopefully this donation will help with getting you a nice, new, warm coat. Janelle Fisher

Hi Kernel! I live in Michigan with my 2 year old Frenchie named Olive, and she gets cold here too - so I hope this can get you a new coat or sweater to keep you warm. We send you lots of hugs. Love, Jordan and Olive

Hi Kernel! Don't worry - spring is coming! I am looking to rescue a special French bulldog and would love to meet you when you are available for adoption. I live in Michigan too! I would make sure you have the warmest sweaters. :) Melissa Moore

Get a fun toy so you can stay inside where it’s nice and warm! Michelle Porreca

Kevin Gooch

Paula Crowley

Kernel u handsome devil! Zachary Gruskin

Handsome Boy lil something for you. Brad & Blake

Such a handsome boy, here's some loot for a coat and some toys. I have a real nice sherpa just your size. Brad

love you kernel hope 10$ helps-Ava (8 years old) :)

Michele Walters

Ginger Thatcher

Joshua Wuerthele

Hope this helps, sweet boy. I'd love to adopt you when you're available- I live in MA, so the car ride would be short. Sheila Turner

Hey Kernel, I hope you get a warm jacket! We’re from Mass which is just a short drive away from you! We also have a 4 year old frenchie, his name is Tobi and we’d love him to have a rescue sibling eventually! Sending you love- Taylor, Dan and Tobi

Ellie Scribner

Stay warm lil go. . . . . im sending some Houston sun your way!!!! Shine on. Shalonda Cormier

Corin Ashley

will definitely crochet you sweaters for our winters here in CT! Sarah Jones