Date posted: 4/7/19
Location: FL

FBRN’s Jameson isn’t yet aged like a fine whiskey, but he’s certain to be popular like one! Jameson’s previous owner bought him at a pet store and recently made the difficult decision to surrender him. Jameson has had kennel cough and a host of other issues in his short 5 months, but this little 9 pound bundle of love is cute as a button and sure to be the cure for anyone’s puppy fever!

Jameson seems to be settling in quite well. He’s very affectionate and loves cuddling with and being near his foster mom. He arrived in foster care with a few issues, including cherry eye, umbilical hernia, and itchy ears. Not to worry, Jameson will visit the vet and be on the path to perfect health in no time! Jameson is not yet reliably potty trained, but his foster mom is reinforcing every small success with lots of praise and tummy rubs. Jameson is learning quickly! He travels very well and is calm in new situations. Jameson warms up to new people quickly and we’re told that he has an adorable little butt wiggle! So far, he’s been a fantastic house guest and we’re pretty sure that his foster home is totally smitten!

Sweet Jameson is full of love and has an inexhaustible joie de vivre, but his ailments require a bit more funding for his piggy bank. So, if you think Jameson is the cure for what ails you, please click on the banner above to become his sponsor. Thank you!


Alexis Taylor

Jameson, here’s to a speedy recovery and a forever home, you beautiful boy! Sending you lots of healing love, slobbery kisses, and endless cuddles - in loving memory of our little angel, Libby Lou. Love, Julia and Casey Klyszeiko

Sweet Lil Jameson, Be the Best puppy you can Be!! Jeeranan Renfroe

Hello little Jameson, I just want you to know that someone from Atlanta, GA is praying for you for a speedy recovery because you are so precious and you deserve the very best! Just know that my precious little Frenchie named Gladys and I love you sweet Angel! The power of love can pull you through and can make your little body thrive sweet boy! Love you so much! Ms.Vickie and Gladys

For little Jameson. omar lozano

Get well soon!! Arturo Turincio