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Date posted: 4/27/21
Location: Florida

This little chocolate truffle has already been a star on our social media platforms, but now it’s time for his official foster debut. Please give a warm welcome and a rousing “konnichiwa” to Hiro!

Hiro-kun was surrendered to FBRN due to severe and persistent gastrointestinal issues. We’re not going to go into detail, but trust us when we say it wasn’t pretty. Turns out Hiro has giardiasis, a parasitic infection that causes acute diarrhea and can lead to malnourishment and weight loss. (Remember how your scout leader told you not to drink from the creek, because you’d end up with “beaver fever?” That’s giardiasis.) Giardiasis is particularly pernicious in dogs because they can re-infect themselves by licking their bums, which it turns out is an activity that most dogs are very, very fond of. Hiro’s foster mom is not only overseeing his course of anti-parasitic medications, but taking superhuman efforts to keep him scrupulously clean. Hiro’s diaper and snazzy suspenders are part of those efforts, though we just think they make him look adorable.

Now that the medications are kicking in and Hiro is feeling a little better, his personality is starting to shine through. The bounce you’d expect from a one-year-old Frenchie is emerging, and so is his appetite! Hiro loves going for walks (even some light jogging!) and playing with his toys. He is a perfect gentleman when getting his baths and bum-wipes, and he’s been accident-free in his crate. We’re even told that he knows all of his basic commands! What a remarkably good boy.

Hiro will need recuperation time before he’s ready for his forever home, and those pesky vet bills are expensive! If you’d like to help offset the cost of his treatment, just click on the Sponsor Me link and tell us it’s for Hiro. Hiro-kun and all of us at FBRN are grateful for your support! Arigatou gozaimasu!



Owen Holiday


Hiro, you are going to feeling better in no time and I’ll be watching and waiting. I hope you enjoy your foster home and learn lots. Stacey & Hank

Good luck HiroKelley Swanagan

Get well Hiro. I want to take you home with me. really. WILLARD GOLDSMITH

Hiro-kun, welcome to FBRN where you will receive the foster care you need to prepare you for a forever home. Hope this will help with supplies and fun toys for the transition. Kathy and Pete McMurry

Linda Magglos