Date posted: 5/27/19
Location: NE

Please welcome the gorgeous Helena to FBRN! She was sadly surrendered by her previous owner due to a change in family and living circumstance. Helena is reported to be a guarder of food. She’s also reported to be a super sweet older gal who loves spending time with her people. At 12 years old, we think she’s allowed to have a vice--or two! We’re happy to have this spunky girl in our care, and we’re sure the perfect forever home is out there.

Helena has shown that she can be a good girl and signals her foster mom when she needs to go outside. She has ignored other dogs while on leash and we’ll have more to report after slow introductions to other dogs. Helena is already getting to know the cats in her foster home, but not quite sure what to make of them just yet! As she continues to settle in and is exposed to more things, we’ll have further news to report on her behaviors. 

Helena seems to be healthy, but we’ll confirm when she has her initial vet exam. She’s already had a spa day at her foster home. During spa time, Helena showed her foster mom that she’s an expert diva who requires only a certain amount of pampering. Helena enjoyed the bath and massage, tolerated the nail trimming, but drew the line at having her teeth brushed. Sometimes a lady just has to put her foot down! 

We’re sure that Helena would happily step into the role of Queen at just about any castle. If you’d like to pledge your devotion and perhaps send a few encouraging words, please click the banner above to become Helena’s loyal subject. Thank you!


Libby Hendren