Date posted: 9/28/18
Location: NY

Well, well, well. What have we here?

Honestly, we’re not quite sure. The intake paperwork says this is a handsome four-year-old black-masked fawn (or “BMF” for those in the know) Frenchie boy named Guido who found himself in need of a new home after his humans got divorced. However, early reports from his foster mom describe an animal that doesn't resemble any French Bulldog we've ever met: polite, house-trained, sits by the door to let you know when he needs to go outside, doesn't beg, doesn't snore, knows “sit” and “stay” and – get this – knows his name and comes when you call him.

Needless to say, we are just as simultaneously astonished and suspicious as you are, and will be conducting extensive testing to determine what kind of animal Guido really is. But until we know more, we will reluctantly go with “French Bulldog” and issue forth our standard hearty “Howdy!” to welcome Guido (whatever he is) into the FBRN family. If you would like to toss a few coins Guido’s way, perhaps to fund some nice tasty Nylabones to help him pass the time while we conduct our super-scientific evaluations, click on the link above and donate. Guido the Mystery Beast will thank you!


rebecca sutherland

Nancy Edwards

Hey Guido! Hope you can enjoy some new treats, toys or anything else that makes you happy! You remind us so much of our Frenchie Diesel and the opposite of our late Dozer who had the typical "selective" hearing but was so amazing! All the best! Krem Kicks


For Guido, you’re in a good place buddy. Annette Thornburgh

Nina Ward

Cynthia Ross-Zweig

Please purchase antler.  Love to meet him, when will he be available?  Cynthia Ross-Zweig

Abbi Olson

Hope this donation helps Guido with his vet bills or some tasty treats. He’s precious! Mitch 

Penny Wang @PakTrends

Hope Guido enjoys some tasty treats! Such a sweet face! ~molly c.

Hope this helps with anything sweet Guido might need!! Jillian Burgio

Hi Guido!!!! We would love to meet you!!!! Hope to see you very soon! All the best, Mike and Jenn Schickram

Hope your doing well would love some updates! Cynthia RossZweig

Hey Guido! Hope this helps you get some toys no matter what you are! I would love to adopt you :) keep us posted, Kimberly Caracost

You Rock Guido. Douglas OLeary

For Guido. Merry Christmas from the Lee Family

Oh little Guido you are too cute! This donation is actually on behalf of my Reddit Secret Santa Sarah who lives in NY. Happy Holidays! Andrea Signorello

Guido, you deserve an amazing home where you will be spoiled rotten and cherished! We are making this donation in memory of our FBRN Frenchie, Goose, who gave us eight of the best years of our lives. We miss him everyday. xo Dana Smith

To Guido and His Foster Fam: What a precious pup! Hope this gets him some fun treats. Enjoy! Nada Jawad

David Williams

Sweet, handsome Guido! Here’s to extra treats and toys little bunny. xoxo Morgan and Mandy

gia domanico