Date posted: 7/28/18
Location: NY

Nine-year-old Gladys was surrendered to FBRN because she had bacterial infections and tumors in her ears. Pauvre petite!

Not one to let quarter-sized ear tumors get her down, Gladys is cheerful and vivacious, with the curiosity and playfulness of a puppy. She seems determined to be an ideal house guest, sleeping through the night in her crate and doing her business outside like a good girl. She is not overly clingy, and she seems to be looking forward to meeting the resident pups. Gladys approached her first bath in her foster home with the same good-natured enthusiasm she approaches just about everything else, and her foster mom was happy to note that it revealed healthy skin and luscious, thick fur.

Speaking of "thick" (Gladys prefers the term "well-rounded"), Foster Mom and Gladys have had a little talk about losing some of that extra "fluff". Gladys had some ideas of her own, but soon discovered that spin class was not an option (her fat little feet will not reach the pedals) and pole dancing requires opposable thumbs, so she reluctantly accepted that a sensible diet and regular, brisk walks were the best way to achieve her bikini bod.

Gladys has already had her intake vet exam, and except for some missing teeth and those ears, she seems to be in remarkably good health for a lady of a certain age. She has been started on antibiotics to address her ear infections, but she has a surgical consult coming up and, wouldn't you know it, her pocketbook is woefully empty except for an old lip balm (with the cap missing), a couple of crumpled receipts, and what looks suspiciously like cookie crumbs. Could you spare a few coins for her expenses? Sponsoring Gladys is as easy as clicking on the "Sponsor Me" button beside her profile pic. Sweet Gladys would be so grateful, and so would we!


harmony kyncl-parks

Good Luck Gladys! Hope your ears are on the mend soon. Rebecca Harper

Hope this helps with some new toys! Alex Perkins

Robin Wheeler

 I love your frosty face! My sweet senior lady, Phoebe, and me send you lots of love! Marsha Neville

For Gladys, from CeeCee

Idabelle sends her love and prays for nothing but the best! jessica angert

Here's a little something for a workout outfit, cute girl! Love from Justin Zippy Kaplan

A little something For Gladys, Gregory Sorbello