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Date posted: 6/6/21
Location: WI

The adorable cream and brown pied Geronimo has found his way to FBRN. He came into foster care with nothing, not even a toy. Geronimo was surrendered by a shelter for his possible anxiety. Prior to his shelter life, Geronimo experienced the loss of his owner, and was passed on to other individuals that decided surrendering him would be best. This little man has been through a lot recently, and his foster home will assess any needs he has.

After some time decompressing in his foster home, his personality is beginning to shine through. This little man loves human touch and can be a clown. It's rumored that Geronimo might just do anything for a banana chunk and his foster family is considering a banana subscription! He is sure to impress with his yoga stretches and his inquisitive nature. Geronimo loves short walks and always looks back to make sure his humans are still with him.

You're most likely wondering how old Geronimo is. His foster family is too. There is some confusion on his forms, and once he has his vet visit the doctor will be able to provide a better age estimate for him. He's also in need of a serious nail trim, and some of his teeth aren't in the best shape. It's said that around 16 need to be removed. The doctor will also assess Geronimo on his hearing, as he doesn't really respond much to his name or know when his foster family has entered a room. He will also be meeting his foster Frenchie sisters soon with slow introductions and we’ll have so much more to report on this handsome fella soon!

If you have a couple dollars laying around with no real plans for their use, please consider donating them to the cost of Geronimo's vet care or perhaps a toy. All you need to do is click on the link to sponsor him.



Robert Volland


Geronimo, we hope you are feeling safer and happier each day with your foster family. Wishing you a happy life sweet boy! With love, Clovis, Byron and their mom and dad

Luiz Oliveira


Little Geronimo, I hope this helps you get some of your teeth fixed. Routing for you little guy! xo Tina Richards

Jess Parker

Gotta have a good toy! Matthew Holub

Blythe Brenden

Alexis Keegan


Rebecca Kocher

Hey Buddy - this is to buy you a few bananas and help pay for your future dental visit! Good luck and hang in there! Love, Boo & Theo

We recently hosted a raffle to celebrate our small business’ 1st birthday and decided to donate 50% of the proceeds to FBRN! @thechubbybostonart


Christine Victorson

Geronimo! Here you go, buddy. Hope this donation helps. No doggo should go without love and food and toys. Robert Norton

James Bellante


For something special! Love Kandice and Charlie

I would like this gift to go to GERONIMO for what ever he needs. I love his name sing it loud and proud THE SONG OF THE PEOPLE. My little Frenchie lost his hearing he was 13 years young when he passed. Jodi Winters

Sending you lots of love and well wishes! Kian & Bella