Date posted: 9/28/18
Location: Texas

Meet Estelle! She is puppy perfection; playful, fearless, and everything a young Frenchie should be! Estelle is just 15 months old and was surrendered due to potty training troubles. Her surrendering family was unable to identify a medical condition causing the lack of housebreaking, and Estelle was spending significant amounts of time crated.

While in foster care, Estelle has proven to be sweet as can be. She was reported to do great with cats, dogs, kids, and everyone she meets. She is still in the slow introduction period with the resident fur-kids, but she’s excited to play with them! Estelle is smart and already learning not to chase the kitties and to be respectful when they tell her to back off.

Estelle’s foster mom is working on potty training which seems to be the only issue this sweet girl has! Estelle has already had her intake exam and the vet discovered that she has a UTI. It seems that Estelle has chronic UTI issues due to a recessed vulva. This is likely causing the housebreaking issues and we will be working with her vet on treatment options.

If you have some spare change and would like to help Estelle on her journey, please click on the link above and become her sponsor. Sweet Estelle would love a few new toys and what puppy doesn’t need treats…for training purposes of course!


Hope this helps to get sweet Estelle feeling better and potty training. Brieann Berg

What a sweet girl! Fingers crossed for her potty issue to be fixed. Alex Perkins

Lesli Le Photography

For Estella - word on the street is you like treats.. I hope your application becomes available soon. Gretchen Rowley

Hi Estelle, We hope this can help get you a new toy & some yummy treats. We really hope to rescue you and shower you with love. Sending you lots of hugs & healthy vibes. Alex, Marianne, Phoenix & Joanie Worlow

This is for Estelle, get her some toys and treats from me. Myrna Pickering

For sweet Estelle! Jessica Sheppard