Date posted: 7/7/18
Location: MA

In FBRN, we have a nickname for the pied frogs – “baby cow dogs” – and an entire unofficial fan club to go with them. We are pleased to announce the arrival of our latest baby cow dog, Cella!

This bovine-inspired canine is two and a half years old, and came into rescue when her mom’s work and travel schedule got busier and she wasn’t able to devote the time to sweet Cella that she knew she needed.

Cella is now settling into her foster home and doing great. Her foster mom is following our slow-intro policy, so Cella and the resident Frenchie haven’t met quite yet, but foster mom says she already suspects the two pups will get along like peas and carrots when they finally do meet.

For now, Cella is enjoying life - luxuriating in the sunny yard, leading her foster mom around the neighborhood on walks, and snuggling the humans every chance she gets. Cella does have some itchies and irritated skin, so it’s off to the vet with her for some advice and treatment. If you'd like to help Cella settle in, consider making a donation by clicking on the link above. She and we would appreciate it!


Here's a little start from grad Justin Zippy Kaplan to get those itches taken care of!

For Cella, it's not much but hopefully a new toy or treats can be gotten! In memory of my Spike who passed in February. Kristine Marcello

Here you go Cella.  Jennifer Fernandes

Good luck pretty cow girl! Lynn Jacobson

With <3 from Fiona in MA. Hope your itchies get better quick! Maureen Trikas

Cella, a little something to welcome you to the FBRN family! Diane and Daisy (FBRN Grad'17

Deborah Smithers

She is such a cutie, I just couldn't resist sending just a little something. Craig and Nadine Nance

To Cella Love, The Cella Family

For Cella, from CeeCee we hope you feel better

Nadine Nance

Sweet Cella girl, I hope this little bit helps! Maria Costagliola

Sharon Reynolds