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Date posted: 4/27/21
Location: Indiana

Move over George Clooney, Chesterton the silver cow dog is here! This handsome pied boy was surrendered by his previous owners when the medical bills for his chronic ear infections became too much for them to manage.

When Chesterton arrived in foster care he was in the middle of a two week antibiotic treatment for a severe ear infection. Poor guy just can’t catch a break on the ear infections! At 10 years old, it’s possible that he’s losing his hearing due to age, but reoccurring ear infections could certainly have something to do with it. After his vet exam, we’ll know more about this handsome boy’s health.

Chesterton is settling into foster care quite well. He doesn’t seem to care much for walking, but he definitely loves his new backyard and enclosed porch area where he can observe the wildlife!

If you have it to spare and would like to help this handsome older gent, please click the banner above to sponsor Chesterton. He gives great kisses and would love to send you his thanks!