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Date posted: 2/28/21
Location: PA

Spunky Boone has slowly swayed his way onto the foster page, although, if allowed, he would have shown off his puppy zoomies! At just under 2 years old, Boone has shown some hind-end weakness and vestibular disease (loss of balance). Sadly, his previous owner had to surrender him due to financial troubles related to the pandemic.

Even though Boone is on strict activity rest to prevent any further damage, he can still snuggle at foster mom’s feet and stash treats in his bed for some late-night treasure hunts (which he insists is not considered boondoggling!). Like many pandemic babies, Boone doesn't like to be left alone in the boonies. If he's not within eyesight of his human AT ALL TIMES, he might make it known that he's not very happy. It sure is a good thing he's able to hang out at work with his foster dad! Boone is housebroken and lets his humans know when he needs to be accompanied outside. He currently resides and gets along with a canine foster sibling and a parrot!

Many of our Frenchies require ongoing medical care and Boone is no exception. If you have the means, please click on his link as your donation would be a great boon to his care. He will thank you with his "boonetastic" smile and puppy-dog eyes.



Rebecca Collins

Maureen Callahan