Date posted: 9/29/18
Location: PA

Please welcome FBRN’s newest senior queen, Aubergine! This little lady is 11-years-old and weighs in at just 15 pounds. She’s been a beloved family pet her whole life and was recently surrendered when her dog buddy passed away. We’re so thrilled to have this sweet little girl and we know there is a forever home out there ready to scoop her up!

Aubergine is very affectionate and playful with her foster family. They quickly discovered that she absolutely detests being alone! FBRN has a slow introduction policy, so Aubergine is currently sequestered and very interested in meeting the resident dogs in her foster home. She is reported to be good with other animals and we’ll soon be able to confirm that. In the meantime, Aubergine is scheduled to be checked out by the vet. Her breath is a bit on the stinky side, she has skin issues, she doesn’t seem to be able to hear very well, she has weakness and tremors in her back legs, and she’s a tad underweight. That sounds like a lot, but overall, she’s not in bad shape for an older gal! Aubergine is potty trained and goes outside, but she also appears to have incontinence issues when she’s sleeping or resting in her bed. These things happen to women of a certain age! Her foster mom put a diaper on her and Aubergine immediately fell over, completely paralyzed with embarrassment. She just might be a bit of a drama queen!

Aubergine will have her intake appointment soon and the vet will help us get her all fixed up. She is in good spirits and doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort. She’s vocal, playful, energetic, and she definitely wants her humans close-by at all times.

Aubergine is still getting settled in foster care, and we can’t wait to see her personality bloom. We can already tell you that she is a sassy little thing with a big personality! If you can spare some change, please consider sponsoring Aubergine today. Just click on the banner above and send her some encouraging words and a few belly rubs.


Enjoy some treats for your diaper embarrassment. Hugs to you sweet girl. Alex Perkins

With love from Rin & Crew