Date posted: 6/8/19
Location: Oklahoma

Arcadia's old age caught up with her today.  Her loving foster parents helped her over the bridge.  Please send Acadia's loved ones a good thought for comfort.  

In ancient Greek mythology, Arcadia was an earthly paradise, a pastoral utopia where spirits dwelled and people lived in harmony . So it’s a fitting name for our newest bat-eared nymph, who, after far too long in the wilderness, has found her own little slice of heaven in the loving arms of her foster mom and a fantastic team of FBRN volunteers.

This sweet senior girl was dropped off at a shelter, and as you can see from her photos, she’s in quite a state. Her ears are terribly infected and (stop reading if you’re squeamish) oozing blood and infected material. The shelter reached out to FBRN for help, and in no time at all a crack team of intrepid volunteers came together to transport Arcadia from the shelter to her foster home some 8 hours away. Foster mom got her to the vet right away, where Arcadia had drains put in her ears and underwent a series of tests that will determine whether a TECA (total ear canal ablation) is necessary. We’re told that Arcadia was an absolute champion at the vet’s office, despite all the poking and prodding, and that she’s an even bigger darling in her new foster home. She gets along beautifully with her canine foster siblings, adores a good game of tug, and is quickly learning how to best enjoy a tasty bone. Of course, she’s also a Frenchie, so there’s a heaping dose of sass mixed in with all that sugar. We wouldn’t have her any other way.

Arcadia may be 10 years old, but she’s got her whole life ahead of her, and we’re going to make sure it’s a good one. If you’d like to help her on this journey, please consider becoming her sponsor and donating a few dollars to the cost of her care. It’s going to be a chore getting those poor ears healthy, but with your support, we can do it! Arcadia is too busy snoozing in sunbeams to properly show her thanks, but we promise you she is grateful, as are all of us!


We are wishing you good luck and good health sweet Arcadia! You are in the right place to receive all the love and care you need. Love, your friend, FBRN Grad Rosie Best.

A little something for the new foster, Arcadia. Kim Chambers

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Frenchie Chunx (shelter rescue) and Karina