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Location: PA
Age: 6 years
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 34 lbs.
Kids: Dog savvy, 12 years+
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes
Fenced Yard: Not required
Adoption Fee: $550
“Mildred deserves the very best in her forever home. She survived a brutal life in a puppy mill and now she deserves to be doted on 24/7. She is an absolute sweetheart and only wants to love and be loved.”

Yippie! Miss Mildred has made her way to the available page. This pied sweetheart was used for breeding up until recently when she was surrendered to FBRN. Mildred is a very special girl who deserves to find her perfect forever family.

Mildred lives to be loved. Her favorite toys include stuffed animals and things that squeak. She loves to play fetch and despite her age is very active and agile. Foster mom reports that Mildred gets along well with the two resident dogs and can be mildly dominant.

Mildred is in great health. She had benign fibroma removed from her paw in June 2021 which will need to be monitored. She is on no medication and requires no special diet. Potty-training is a work in progress with Mildred. She will go outside 95% of the time, but does not like the rain or getting her feet wet which can cause her to be stubborn about going out.

Mildred is a sweet girl who loves to be around her people. Her forever home should not have small children as she has a habit of jumping at faces / noses when she wants attention. While she does not intend to be aggressive with this behavior it can be scary for small children. Her home cannot have cats in her forever family as she has a very strong prey drive.

Like many Frenchies, Mildred loves to be around her people and wants to be by their side always. She currently hangs out with foster mom all day in the office and is reported to be the perfect co-worker.

Mildred lived a hard life as a mill momma and deserves all the best in her next chapter. Her forever family should be ready to give her the love and attention that she is due!

Read on to hear what foster mom thinks: “Mildred deserves the very best in her forever home. She survived a brutal life in a puppy mill and now she deserves to be doted on 24/7. She is an absolute sweetheart and only wants to love and be loved.”

Please submit an application and tell us why your family would be a perfect fit for Mildred’s next chapter. Then get ready to travel to the Philly area because FBRN does not ship dogs as cargo, so adopters are expected to pick up their dogs from their foster family.

FBRN dogs are in foster care in people's private homes. For the foster families' safety, we do not disclose specific locations, and we don't set up meet and greets prior to applications. For detailed information about the dogs in our care, please read the extensive bios on each dog.

About Mildred:

Mildred does not like cats and should never live with them.

Potty training is a work in progress.

Mildred had a benign fibroma removed from her paw on 06.07.2021. The margins were not clean. She must be monitored for recurrence.



Gayle Cartwright

Sending Mildred lots of food wishes and love! Katherine McNerney

From Dave and Nettie

Susan McClure

For Mildred, such a beautiful girl. Michele Wall

Blythe Brenden

Michelle Campbell 

Welcome Mildred and here's to happy days! I hope you get all of the love and hugs you deserve. I'll be watching for you to become available. I would love to spoil you for the rest of your days. Tina Walker

Casey Arnett

shannon cerra

Anna Clemente

Mieko M Krell

Caitlin McGeehan

Ashley Myers

Hi Little Mildred, you are so sweet and we would love to rub your belly. Linda and Jerry


Erin Stanton

Hopefully this will help you get a special treat and/or toy, Mildred! So glad you're done with your breeding days! Amy Gens

Thank you for all the love and care this organization provides to these dogs.  Kim Kluge-Spencer