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In Memory of Winter



Dearest Winter, in the beginning I told you, "We will get through this!"  And we did. With the support of FBRN you overcame heartworm and we both fought through your allergies, bathings, foot soaks, and then your ear surgery.  I was so happy to see YOU happy, not licking your feet or itchy, not crying out when I touched your ears.  
Your surgery induced hair shavings made me sad, but also made me laugh.  You had a pretty great mohawk!  We never quite got to the point where I could trim your nails, but that's what the vet techs are for, right? I was the one to give you the treats afterwards and assure you that I'd NEVER be that mean to you!
After a few months of struggles we had a lot of months together of health and happy moments.  I wish I could have found you a forever home, but I'm not sorry that you chose me to be the place you wanted as forever.  Go wiggle in the grass over the bridge my sweet girl, we will always miss you but learned so much from you.