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In Memory of William


William AKA Willyman left us at 5:45 on Sunday, April 17th . He was the best little buddy and snugglemonster one could ask for. He had four plus years with us and I can remember the day we picked him up in Houston. He wasn’t sure of us but we knew he found the right home. The ride home we got to know him and he got to know us. Such a quiet little guy until he got to know you. Then he wanted your undivided attention whether it was for treats, back rubs, snuggling, showing off his babies, going for car rides, chasing rabbits and going for walks. Everyone who met him fell in love with him. He had a way of stealing your heart.


He suffered two grand mal seizures followed by a major decline in health in less than 48 hours. The MRI showed he had a brain tumor 1/4th the size of his brain. We let him cross over the Rainbow Bridge peacefully and hope to see him on the other side. He is probably already hanging out with Bullwinkle chasing rabbits through the fields. We gained so much having him in our life but he took a little piece of our heart with him the day he left us. He is loved by all of his friends and family.


Love Mama and Papa