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In Memory of Tarzan


Tarzan you are amazing.  Although you were with us for only just over three years, it seemed longer because you seamlessly integrated into our family like you were always a part of us.  We always knew how much joy you brought to our lives; but now that you are gone, we are so painfully aware how deep our love and joy for you was and still remains. Words cannot be found for how much we miss your gentle soul, sweet face and sticky outty tongue.  

Thank you for loving us and giving us so many wonderful, tender moments that we can reflect on.  We’ll never forget your adventures with our daughter, your special connection with her and for teaching her what it means to love and care for others. 

There will never be another soul quite like yours….this we know.  You’re in our hearts for always. 

Love your family, 

Sean, Stacey and Shay


Tarzan 2004 to 2016

(Adopted in 2013)

Thank you FBRN for allowing us to be his family and love such a beautiful boy.

Thank you to Tarzan’s foster family for being such a great support. We’re so happy to know you!