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Date posted: 4/7/21
Location: PA

Royalty has alit at FBRN, so sound the trumpets and take a knee for his bat-eared majesty, King of Smoosh and Slayer of Hearts. It’s Arthur!

Arthur abdicated his previous throne and came to FBRN after his original owner became unable to afford his care. At only seven months old, he is a bouncy, sweet boy who enjoys getting into anything and everything! His most loyal subject (a.k.a. foster mom) will be helping him develop manners more becoming of a king, with lessons including “Peeing is an Outside Activity” and “That Absolutely Does Not Go In Your Mouth.” He’s a smart cookie, so we think he’ll catch on pretty quickly.

Arthur appears to be in good health, but he’ll still need a vet checkup and neuter. His foster mom will also need a small mountain of treats to assist with his training! So if you’d like to add a coin or two to the royal coffers, just click on that “Sponsor Me” link and tell us it’s for Arthur. He’ll be too busy tearing around the house to properly convey his thanks, but there just might be a knighthood in your future!