Date posted: 11/4/09
Reposted: 7/26/12

Location: New Jersey


UPDATE.  After a long time as a hospice dog, Ralphie was helped across the bridge by his loving foster mom this week. Please keep his family and loved ones in your thoughts.


Ralphie's accident has set him back, and he will require physical therapy and acupuncture for the rest of his life to remain pain-free. He will live with his foster mom, who loves him.

Our favorite little brindle pied boy Ralphie is back in foster care again. Little Ralphie first came to FBRN in 2009 having suffered a ruptured disc along his spine. After an unsuccessful surgery, Ralphie's father made the painful decision to surrender him to FBRN. Ralphie came using a cart to zip around. FBRN was pleased to have him and immediately started him on hydrotherapy hoping he would regain the use of his hind legs. After months of therapy, it was determined that Ralphie would remain paralyzed from the hips down. However, Ralphie wasn't one to let that stop him. He had no problem outrunning dogs and humans with longer legs. Ralphie embodies the "busy" Frenchie temperament. In foster care Ralphie was often found amusing himself by sampling non-food items for their delectability, napping in sunbeams, cruising the sidewalks in his cart, and nom-nom-nomming on a tasty Nylabone.

After two years and several months in foster care, Ralphie was adopted! His new owner was an experienced pug owner and had worked with special needs dogs before. Ralphie was living the life until he injured his neck in early July 2012. Because his owner has a full-time practice, she found she was unable to provide Ralphie with the care he needed. She surrendered him back to FBRN.

Since Ralphie has been back with FBRN he has had a week of steroids, painkillers, and rest. Ralphie's neurologist has determined it's time to take the next step and get him an MRI. The doctor believes that if surgery is needed, it will likely be successful. He is optimistic that Ralphie will be able to return to the fun loving, goofy Frenchie he was prior to his most recent accident.

We hope to schedule Ralphie's MRI soon. MRI's are costly procedures and Ralphie would greatly appreciate it if you could help him out with his vet bills by clicking on the photo of his adorable face and sponsor him. He sends you Frenchie kisses!


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