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Date posted: 9/1/19
Location: NV

Update 3/21 Mahalo has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

For months, Mahalo explored the neighborhood in his cart, wrestled all the stuffed sea creatures that dared invade his space, and greeted his foster mom with love each day. Sadly, we report that age and pneumonia caught up to his 13-year-old body, and the kind decision was made to let him run free. His name was Mahalo, “thank you” in Hawaiian. As in "Thank you for rescuing me when I needed it the most."

UPDATE 8/20:

To watch Mahalo race around in his wheelchair you wouldn’t think anything was amiss! Sadly though, he has been diagnosed with a mass on his spleen. Given his senior status he is not a candidate for surgery and will happily live out the remainder of his days with his loving Foster Mom.


Give a warm welcome to Mahalo, a little cream 11-year-old boy with the sweetest personality ever. Mahalo was surrendered to the Las Vegas Animal Foundation, who reached out to FBRN when his previous family could no longer keep up with his medical needs. Mahalo's name means "thank you" in Hawaiian. As in "Thank you for rescuing me when I needed it the most."

Mahalo suffers from some form of paralysis that prevents him from using his hind legs, although he does have feeling in his back paws. When Mahalo arrived in foster care his belly was red and raw with urine burns and the tops of his feet were scabbed from being dragged. We will be bringing him to our vet to learn more about his prognosis. His injuries, though, haven't broken his sweet spirit. He loves being scritched under the chin! He tucks his head down and puts his little front feet together, leaning into the scratching so he gets the most out of it. Mahalo has overturned the toy basket in his foster home and evaluated and tested every toy. So far he has decided that his favorite is the purple baby dragon. No, wait, it's the red rubbery chewy ball. Oh, hold the phone, maybe it's the crinkly taco shell? This just boy LOVES his toys!

In order to manage his urinary incontinence, Mahalo will be getting diaper covers with suspenders since he can't keep a belly band on. We are also hoping he will get a cart so he can go where his adventurous spirit takes him. Since he still has feeling in his back paws, he will soon be going to physical therapy to strengthen muscles that might help him regain movement. 

Mahalo's medical care and treatments will be costing a pretty penny, and since he forgot to get Medicare plan B coverage he is really hoping you can spare some change to help him cover the costs of the medical goods and therapies he needs to get healthy. To sponsor this cutie, just click on the link next to his adorable mug shot. He sends lots of frenchie kisses and of course says Mahalo to you for helping a sweet old guy out.



For Mahalo. Am thrilled my sweet friend is able to foster him. Thank you for the wonderful work you do. Andrea Richey

Dear Mahalo, we hope this little gift gets a start in your medical/ savings account! Our angel with wigs Stella will watch over ever step of your IVDD recovery process! Denitsa Valtchanova

am glad to learn this little cutie may have a chance to walk again! Evan a cart will help just like my Frenchie. hailey lam

Mark Upshaw

A little something to brighten your day in celebration of Suki's 4th Birthday. Gail White

From Trevor & his bestest bud Boomer the Frenchie.

Carrie Arndt

Brittney Krebsbach

Mahalo-I hope you are doing well and enjoying your golden years happy and spoiled. Take care and best wishes to you and your family. -The Flaherty Ruhl Family