Date posted: 3/9/12
Location: New York


10/14. Foster mom says: "Magnolia mast cell surgery was a success. She had a grade II tumor removed. The vet feels he got clean margins, but he’s pretty sure more will appear. As long as they are on the outside, and not on any vital organs – she’s will continue her fight. The pathology report went into “mortality rate”, but we don’t pay any attention to that. Magnolia goes for her usual walks to Dunkin Donuts for free munchkins. All the retired veterans continue to greet her like a local celebrity. One vet even had the gumption to try and pet Magnolia, a feat which has never been attempted by anyone. Magnolia accepted his affection, she knew he was not scared of her and a connection was made – a mutual understanding. Two old people, who have been through hell – enjoying a tender moment at a local coffee shop.
Usually we carry Magnolia around like a stick of dynamite when people are around. Because even if you tell them her whole sad story, that she may snap, they still want to pet her and they may not be so lucky like that brave vet. We had to move our mailbox, I wasn’t getting my mail. The mailman remains terrified of Magnolia. So, we put the mailbox at the bottom of the stairs (instead of next to the front door) so he won’t feel as threatened. Magnolia can sense when he approaches the house – so it doesn’t matter where the mailbox is placed, she still knows he’s invading her territory. 
We continue to have guests over and Magnolia is very charming – it’s when she’s on a leash, that’s when you better run for your life.
In our house, with my dogs, friends, family, canine visitors – she’s a complete angel.
And when we go for walks – she hustles – we are on a mission – very fast paced – we move with purpose. Her mission, to go to Dunkin Donuts...and let anyone try and stop her!
Magnolia is such a contradiction, a hospice dog – terminally ill – so vibrant – and full of life. Cute and crotchity."

Here's an update on Magnolia, 1/25/14.

We are heartbroken to report that Magnolia has been diagnosed with soft-tissue sarcoma. She'll have a place in her foster home for the rest of her life. Please send her your best thoughts and support.

Magnolia of the beautiful smile came to us after she lost an eye in an argument with an Akita. Frenchies tend to think they are larger than they are, and those protuberant eyes often get damaged in fights. She has an adorably floppy ear that gives her an insouciant air, and the grizzling around her face makes her look like an aging It girl from times past.

Upon her arrival to FBRN, we noted that tummy rubs are high on her list of favorite activities. We have provided a photo of her tummy, ripe for the rubbing, so you can imagine yourself right there in her foster home.

Magnolia received a little package of gifts from a generous volunteer a few days after her arrival, so she has her own new flower-printed collar and lead, some toys, and a lovely bed of her own! The new toys and the new bed incited a playfulness we hadn't seen before, and she rolled around in her new loot and flashed the fabulous smile we love to see. 

Magnolia will be visiting a vet to have her breathing checked, and she'll have to be spayed. Meanwhile, a change in food and some regular exercise have slimmed Magnolia's waist a bit to make her surgery safer. If you'd like to contribute to Magnolia's vet care or just leave a little note of encouragement, click on her photo and leave a note in the little tiny box that says "Message to seller" on the last page of the Paypal check out. Thank you!



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