Location: Southern CA

UPDATE: After coming close to having an Addison's crisis a few months ago, Zydeco had to stop taking his Cushing's medication.  In August, his Cushing's symptoms re-appeared.  His belly was distended, he was drinking and urinating excessively, he was losing muscle, and, while he was still happy to dribble his basketball around the yard, it was clear that he was losing strength and energy.  An ACTH stimulation test revealed that his cortisol levels were nearing the Cushing's zone.  Because he was not quite there yet, we waited and retested one month later.  The results of that test are now in, and we will be starting treatment.

Also in August, Zydeco's vet performed abdominal and chest ultrasounds.  His heart looked fine, but, as is often the case in Cushing's disease, his adrenal glands were enlarged.  When his tummy was shaved for the ultrasound, we made another discovery.  A small red dot was revealed, and started to grow rapidly into what looked like a blood blister.  We had it removed and biopsied immediately, and it turned out to be a grade 1 dermal hemangiosarcoma.  This is a type of cancer typically found on the bellies of white dogs, and is caused by sun exposure. No more nude sunbathing for Zydeco.  The good news is that we caught it while it was still stage I, it was completely excised, and no further treatment is warranted.  Obviously we will keep an eye on him and make sure no new tumors appear, but the prognosis is good.

We need to get Zydeco re-stabilized on the correct dose of Cushing's medication before he resumes his search for a forever home.  This process will require frequent (and expensive) ACTH Stimulation testing, which is the only reliable way to monitor his cortisol levels throughout the process.  For this reason, he has moved back to the Foster Dogs page.

This funny, charismatic little man has faced so many obstacles with courage and tenacity.  If you would like to help support him through this one, please consider making a sponsorship donation to help pay his medical bills.  Thank you!

Videos of Zydeco:

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For sweet Zydeco. Natalie Esposito

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So sorry you have had such a hard lifeZydeco. You are such a beautiful boy. The right family will come along and give you all the love you will ever need. Kathy Williams

Zydeco your a hero and I hope you get a furever home real soon!!! Best wishes from Arizona. Tiffany Gray

Wishing you health and happiness! Celimarie Fandino

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 Hang in there, Zydeco! Thinking of you in MD and sending positive vibes! Happy Halloween! Mary Hopkins

 Zydeco-you are a hero in our eyes! Hope you find a forever family deserving of your greatness! The Mastrodonato-Zygadlo Family

 We would love to sponsor Zydeco! From Bella B. The Pet Supply

 Zydeco seems like such a sweet and wonderful dog! I hope he can find his forever home soon. Please take good care of him! Alice Xiang


Merry Christmas Zydeco! Hope you are feeling 100% real soon. xoxo, Trish, Ian & Mozy (FBRN alumni)

Merry Christmas, Zydeco! Hope you find your forever home soon! Myriah Bash

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Zydeco. you're an amazing frenchie and we're so proud to sponsor you. All the best to you! With Love, the DOGA crew.

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Honoring a Hero! Hugs to Zydeco from Vivian the Frenchie.

Hope you feel better soon! With love Thorin (grad 14) and sisters Bella & Abby

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To: Zydeco. From: Remy in Naples FL. Wishing you a loving forever home soon. You are our favorite super hero!!! 

Scooter Moose sends his love and healing vibes. Feel better, you little rascal, we've been watching you since the day you came to FBRN and we can't wait to see someone say that you'll have a furever home.