Date posted: 9/8/17
Location: New York

When an extraordinarily handsome gentleman such as this crosses our path, the first order of business is to give him a name that suits him. The new name must convey suavité; it must capture his debonair charm and effortless good looks. Idris? Hugh? Paul? Wigglesbutt? That's it! Wigglesbutt! Okay, now that we have that out of the way…

Six-year-old Wigglesbutt's former family made the difficult decision to surrender him when they realized that they could not provide him with the care he needed and deserved. His first FBRN vet visit revealed terribly infected ears, which were so painful he didn't want his foster momma or the vet to touch them. He screamed as if he were being murdered while they were being cleaned. It was gut wrenching. It had to be done, though, and he will feel so much better as a result. Wigglesbutt also has a severe case of the itchies. Foster Mom tells us that when she stops scritching him, he tries to rub his little booty on her foot to get some relief. Finally, Wigglesbutt is rather fluffy… Over 31 pounds of fluffy to be more precise, and is showing some muscle atrophy in his rear legs. He will be embarking on the Sleek Black Panther workout plan (brisk leashed walks with his Frenchie foster brother, the Sleek Black Panther himself). The increased physical activity combined with controlled food portions should take some inches off that waistline and put some meat on those scrumptious thighs in no time.

Temperament-wise, Wigglesbutt is a lovebug. He actually values human touch over treats and toys. He does seem to have an aversion to doorways and elevators, however, so his foster family will be working on these little foibles, but you can expect to see Wigglesbutt make his debut on our Available Dogs page just as soon as his ear and allergy issues are under control and his body condition has improved. In the meantime, could you spare a few bucks to help pay for his vet visits and perhaps a pair (or two) of little cross trainers? Please feel free to leave a few words of encouragement when you make your donation. Foster Mom will read each and every message out loud to him.

Videos of Wigglesbutt:

Sir Wigglesbutt - Protesting ear drops!

Wigglesbutt - Wants a new harness!

Wigglesbutt - Walking with his foster brother!






For Mr. Wigglesbutt - hope this helps you on the road to becoming a healthy S(Br)P. Love, Oeuf

Dear Sir Wigglesbutt: You are obviously a handsome studmuffin with lots of love to give and a beautiful life to live. You have an awesome foster family and so many wonderful days ahead to look forward to. I wish I had more to give right now, but payday is next week and I will keep donating to help you, buddy. Sending love from the Midwest! Kelli Ochs

Wish it could be more! You are so darn cute, Wigglesbutt. If I wasn't 3,000 miles away, I would consider adopting you. Bucky is going to give you the Sleek Black Panther workout, and you will get that sexy butt back. Teri King

I hope you get well, and find your new home soon Wigglesbutt! Angela Eslava

This donation is for Sir Wigglesbutt! You can beat these allergies and just say YES to ear drops! Your foster brother is a bad a$$ & I know you are learning lots of love from your foster family! Thanks for all the smiles & laughs! DaggerUnited

Hope this helps, buddy! You're so adorable. Say hi to Bucky and his humans for me. Love, Allie (@alliebrooklynfrenchie)

Alison Fumelle

Sir Wigglebutt you are in an awesome foster home! We know you will find your forever home soon. Michelle Lewis

It's not much but hope that it helps, dear Wigglebutt. The derp is strong in you and we love that. Hope you continue to feel better! Your foster brother Bucky will undoubtedly show you the ropes (and also how to score bacons) and your foster parents are awesome and caring people. Love, Toad & Hank

Nicole Crowe

Here's a little scratch Mr Wigglesbutt from Pork&Beans.

Mr Wigglesbutt, you're in an awesome place. Love Frenchie Millie.

Dixie Reichard

It was love at first sight Mr.Wigglesbutt!! So, of course I had to chip in to help you get to your new furever home!!  Get well soon. michelle yates

I love seeing the stories of Wigglesbutt and Bucky! Thanks for fostering pups in need..hope this little bit helps! From, Wallythefrenchie_to (your Instagram bud!)

Not only are you cute and kind, but you have the most awesome name.  Wags and kisses, The Moreno Family

You guys are doing great work. He looks healthier and happier every day. Someone is going to be lucky to get that wiggley butt in their life. From Kristin & Fitz @royaltyliveshere

greg stanley

To help with vet bills for Wigglesbutt. Eleanor Stever

To Wigglesbutt from Gus & Hank in CA. Take care of those ears!