Date posted: 9/1/17
Location: NY

Give a warm welcome to Whopper. Whopper is a big healthy boy, weighing in at 30 pounds, who was tearfully surrendered by his family when he started to guard his crate and toys once a new baby came into the home.

In his foster home, Whopper has been a gentle giant. He walks great on the leash, is house trained, and he is a cuddle monster. He is on Apoquel for his allergies and shows no sign of the itchy scratchies. Surprisingly for a dog this size, he is NOT a snorer -- so quiet... but he does have stenotic nares that should probably be addressed. And, his foster family has not heard him bark, not ONCE!

We will be bringing this gorgeous guy to the vet soon for a full workup, but so far he appears to be very healthy. If all goes well Whopper will be headed over to the available page very soon. If you would like to sponsor Whopper and help him on his way, please just click on the link next to his adorable mug shot. He sends you all lots of love and Frenchie kisses!






Whopper, looking forward to you making it over to the adoption page. Chunks and all. Steve Fleming

Good luck at the vet, Whopper! Nancy Olson

Take care lil guy! -Jazmin

Whopper you melt our hearts. Such a handsome boy! The M & M family