Date posted: 2/20/17
Location: TX

Eight-year-old Walfred, a mellow gentleman, has joined the FBRN pack. His surrender was a difficult decision, but certainly it was made with his best interests in mind. Walfred has continuous skin problems compounded by allergies, making his medical condition financially and emotionally exhausting. No need to worry, sweet boy, you will get all fixed up and ready for your forever home in no time!

Aside from Walfred’s challenging health, he appears to be a dapper gentleman, distinguished gray whiskers and all. He is a polite travel companion and shows very good manners in the house. Added to it all, he knows several commands and loves to show his talents. You’re quite a catch, Mr. Walfred!

Walfred is soaking up the TLC in his foster home, including his very own mini-spa treatments, but there’s no doubt he needs some help from our wonderful Frenchie community. Please help Walfred with his care by clicking on the link to donate. He’d also appreciate a few notes of encouragement, if you please. Perhaps he’ll show his gratitude with a proper bow or two!








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Abegale Gibb

Here's a little moola from another dapper gentlemen fbrn grad who has found his forever home, Otis. Heather Trainer

Annette Thornburgh