Date posted: 12/30/17
Location: Texas

Jinkies! Let’s all welcome 5-year-old Velma to the gang!

Cute-as-a-button Velma was originally the property of a commercial breeding operation, and was rescued by the ASPCA. She was soon adopted, but after a short time, her new family surrendered her to FBRN citing Velma's anxiety issues.

After having her in foster care for a short time, we can definitely say that Velma is high strung. She paces, is hyper-alert, and seems to be triggered by furniture, dark spaces under the furniture, shiny/reflective surfaces, and a slew of random inanimate objects. She barks, growls, and scratches at them. When redirected or picked up, however, she immediately settles and becomes as sweet as pie. She seems to benefit greatly from outdoor strolls around her foster family's property, and is mesmerized by the Christmas lights that she can see from the patio. She seems to feel secure in her crate, and often goes there to relax and nap.

Velma loves kisses, belly rubs, yak bones, toys and doing her morning yoga stretches; all the critical criteria for being a Frenchie -- she's just a little more energetic than most. She also appears to love children and seems housebroken, which are always appreciated qualities, though not necessarily in that order.

Velma's foster family will be working diligently to make sure she sticks to a sensible diet and gets plenty of exercise, because… well… she's a little dumpling right now, and she struggles to breathe. Her breathing is so labored, in fact, that she is scheduled for a surgical consult to determine if she also requires airway surgery to help her breathe easier.

If you happen to have a few coins left over after your holiday shopping, Velma sure could use them. Yak chews don't grow on trees (she checked), and her vet bills are starting to stack up. Just click on the "Sponsor Me" button, and send a little post-holiday cheer Velma's way. Thank you!


What a beautiful girl. Have a yak bone on us, Velma x Naomi Jones

Good Luck Velma! Annette Thornburgh

Diane Blanton

My Mom's name was Velma and she loved all dogs. My little Frenchie boy is named Alvin after my Dad's middle name (and Alvin the Chipmunk, of course.) Best wishes for Velma and for FBRN! Jeffrey McKean

We would love this donation to go to sweet Velma! We want to help with her vet bills and give this good girl a few Yak bones. Love, The Penney-Lee family (Gerty, Max, and Myrtle)

Hey Beautiful Velma, we totally understand anxiety and all the worries you may feel. Here's some help to wash those worries away. We Love You Velma, Oliver & Bessie.

Shannon Fowler

Dearest Velma - I have anxiety sometimes, too! Hang in there, cutie. XO - angie