Date posted: 7/15/17
Location: NJ

Too cute and too sweet…it’s Tulie! She’s not feeling all that well right now, but we’re determined to get her into tip-top-Tulie shape—tout de suite!

Tulie is a 2015 grad who was returned to FBRN when her owners became unable to care for her. And not a moment too soon, as Tulie was—and still is—in dire need of veterinary care. Her beautiful bat ears are swollen shut with infection, she has a UTI, and her skin is an absolute mess. She has an angry red rash on her belly, missing patches of fur on her body, and cysts forming between her toes. On top of that, Tulie’s abdomen is very distended, and she is showing early signs of spinal and leg deformities, likely the result of obesity.

What to do? Well, the first thing was to get Tulie on a course of antibiotics, to clear up the infections in her ears, skin, and urinary tract. Foster mom gives her a medicated bath every other day and applies topical ointment to her hot spots and rashes. Since her skin condition is likely the result of allergies, Tulie’s now eating a nutritious, limited ingredient diet, and the vet will do an allergy panel to find out exactly what isn’t agreeing with her. Finally, an x-ray of Tulie’s abdomen showed a slightly enlarged liver, but nothing else too outrageous. The vet suspects an endocrine disorder, and once Tulie’s bloodwork comes back, we will know for sure.

Despite her great discomfort, Tulie has been sweet as a summer peach. She lets foster mom bathe her and treat her ouchies without complaint, and even though she can’t move around very well, she limp-waddles over to her people for pets and gentle hugs.

We’re going to get Tulie feeling better no matter what, and we could use your support to do it! If you’d like to make a donation toward her care, you can become her sponsor by clicking on the link right next to her pretty face. Tulie and all of us at FBRN thank you for your support!





To sweet Tulie, sending her all of the love she deserves. Courtney Shively

Feel better Tulie! Lynn Jacobson

Nancy Olson

Oh, Tulie I hope your ears and skin feel better soon. You are a real cutie. Debra Nash

For Tulie from CeeCee

Sweet little Tulie Hope this helps you get and feel better real soon. Jackie and Jerry

Hang in there, Tulie - the best is yet to come! Lots of love from Rin & Crew

Kerry Kearney

Sweet little Tulie, how could anyone let this happen to you? Hope this helps you get and feel better real soon. Jackie and Jerry