Date posted: 9/16/17
Location: Ohio

Hold up, the puparrazzi has found him. Toni just has to be the most adorable puppy in FBRN foster care! One look at this pup and you know that Toni is just a bundle of cuteness. Toni's former owners were not able to care for him anymore and tearfully surrendered him to FBRN. He arrived in foster care with a fractured left tibia and a splint. Now he has healed up a bit and requires daily ointment and a cone of shame for his sores. He will still be on leash walks and rest for awhile. 

Toni's foster family reports that he is just the sweetest little guy and nothing seems to bother him. He's been sleeping through the night like a champ and he's having lots of fun exploring some of the interactive toys that they have for him to help tire out that five-month-old puppy brain.

Adorable Toni will be in foster care until he is all healed up. If you would like to sponsor Toni and help him on his way to the available page, just click on the link next to his gorgeous mug shot. He sends you all lots of puppy kisses and love! Thank you!


Toni, I'm here to tell you the cone of shame won't last and neither will that cast! We are a Frenchie Family with deep roots in Ohio so wanted to help Love, Lisa

Nicola Shorten

Toni enjoy a toy from your pals Gus and Hank

Sweet Toni here is a little chew toy money. Feel better soon. Bevin Hunter

Jamie Flaherty

 know it's not much but hope this helps! stephanie buchert

darren heppel

Heal up quickly, Toni! We love your sweet little face! Sarah, Matt & Ike

You are so cute! Hoping for a speedy recovery. jennifer stevens

he is so cute.. KIMBERLEE MCDOWELL


I hope your leg heals soon, Toni! You're in great, loving hands now. - Love, Stella The Frenchie

Samantha Preston

Cathy English

Hopefully this helps keep Toni healthy and happy! Sabrina Goble

Hi Toni, you adorable puppy! My family and I hope this helps a little! Know that you are loved! Hang in there little one :) Love, Jessica, Taylor, and Blake.

Hey Toni, Heal up fast! Love, Harper and Remy

oni, you are melting hearts across the country! Here is a little something just for you to help as you heal. Hang in there little one! Love, Amanda, Trevor, Emerson & Wyatt

Dear Toni, I hope you have a speedy recovery and I hope this small donation with help buy you a nice treat! -Ashley H

For Toni :) Heal quick little man! danielle wharton

I am in love with your Toni, hope this helps with his medical bills. Send him my love! Paulette Rhinehart

Susan Prince