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Date posted: 9/29/20
Location: Oklahoma

Make way for Tiny! Weighing in at 46 pounds this stunning 3-year-old blue fawn girl is anything but! Sadly, Tiny found herself homeless after her family moved into a new place and did not have the space to take her along.

Tiny seems to be settling in well to her new accommodations. Foster mom reports that she is very sweet and generous with her kisses and cuddles. She is a happy girl who enjoys playing with her human foster siblings and meeting new people. She is still in the slow intro stages, but so far has not displayed any reactivity to the resident dogs when observed from across the yard, or any destructive chewing when indoors. Other than her weight, Tiny appears healthy, although she did display some anxiety on the two hour car ride to her foster home. While in foster care, she will have plenty of time to decompress and her foster family will keep an eye out for any signs of anxiety.

If you would like to sponsor Tiny, offering a note of encouragement or a contribution to her gym membership, please click on the link above. She will send you lots of Frenchie smooches in appreciation.


Tiny if you are food with having a frenchie brother and a loving cat sister we will be watching for your availability.Tonya Taylor

Francisca Yanez

For whatever Miss Tiny needs! Jennifer Morrison

Get that beautiful girl a new toy or treat. Megan Calhoun