Date posted: 4/19/19
Location: MA

The recent influx from Turkey has landed a feisty, albeit severely malnourished, ball of fur in our midst. We’re thrilled to welcome young Tautou. Just like her French actress namesake Audrey Tautou, Tautou has a flair for the dramatic as she arrived with her Turkish counterparts and tried to stir up some drama with them before she even got out of the crate. Most likely this was due to the extreme circumstances and stress of traveling in a crate. We’d all be cranky after that! Tautou is really blossoming and showing a very sweet side of her personality after only one short week in foster care.

Tautou is already chowing down on nutritious food and it has made a world of difference. She suffers from allergies and skin issues after not receiving adequate care for her short, young life. Foster mom is seeing improvements in her skin after daily coconut oil massages. Beyond the health issues, it seems that Miss Tautou is a bit of a smarty pants. She’s already learned sit, shake, and down commands, which is more than we can say for many of the Frenchie population! We’re fixing up a seat in the “front of the class” for this one. She’s still working on potty training, but given her track record, she’s sure to have that down in no time.

In addition to some much-needed nutrition, we want to see Tautou make serious progress toward health in the coming weeks. We hope our community will rally around the Turkey Dogs and help them with their vet bills. Please click on the link to donate today and tell Tautou what a good girl she is! Thank you!