Date posted: 8/17/18
Location: CO

Please welcome Scarlet to FBRN! This pretty little lady was surrendered by her previous owner after she realized that she couldn’t keep up with Scarlet’s allergies. Scarlet was super itchy and causing herself injury due to the uncontrolled allergies. Don’t worry; allergies are all-too- common in Frenchies and sweet Scarlet will be on the mend in no time!

Scarlet has had allergy testing already and the results will be in soon. In the meantime, she’s showing her foster family how much spunk a 4-year-old Frenchie Princess can have! We’re told that she ran right into the house and jumped directly into someone’s lap to get some attention. This girl LOVES attention! Thankfully, she also loves bath time. Medicated baths are a big part of her new routine! Scarlet has an amazing personality and has already accumulated quite a following of admirers. We can’t wait to see her all fixed up and ready to start the next chapter of her life.

Scarlet could use some good vibes as she continues to settle into her foster home and get used to new routines. If you could spare a little change, or just a few kind words, please click on the banner above to become her sponsor. Thank you!


For Scarlett in memory of our Bug. Sallie & Paul

Scarlet, good luck in your recovery! You are a cutie! Katherine McNerney

You are such a princess, Scarlet! We hope this helps bring you closer to the castle you deserve! Merry Christmas! Love, The Crosleys (Elijah & Emily; Pua - Frenchie; Angus O. - Staffie)