Date posted: 8/18/17
Location: Virginia

Strike up the band and welcome two-year-old Piccolo to the FBRN parade! Cute as a tiny flute and sweet as a summer melody, this little girl is in desperate need of some TLC. But no worries—we’re going to pull out all the stops to get her fit as a fiddle (and we’re not whistling Dixie).

Poor Piccolo is suffering from a myriad of health problems, most of which stem back to her chronic allergies. Her body is covered in sores (with no hair to speak of on her tush), she has an ear infection and an antibiotic-resistant UTI, she is slightly anemic, and she has elevated BUN (blood urea nitrogen) and pH levels, which may indicate an issue with her kidneys. A few more test results (most notably an allergy panel) are necessary before we can put together a comprehensive plan for her care, but in the meantime, foster mom has already got Piccolo feeling loads better with a benzoyl peroxide bath and some topical antibiotic/antifungal ointments. Her sores are no longer red and oozing, she smells approximately 10,000x better, and we can finally get a glimpse of her beautiful pied coat!

None of these itchies or owies have put a damper on Piccolo’s bright spirit. She is a curious, energetic girl who listens attentively to her people and loves to give kisses. Since she’s actively infectious (and it’s hard to find a Frenchie-sized hazmat suit) she hasn’t gotten the chance to meet her canine foster siblings yet, but all signs are pointing to a dog who gets along with everyone and everything. And as soon as those wounds heal up, we have it on good authority that there will be no lack of belly rubs and back scratches for our sweet Piccolo.

It’s going to take a pretty penny to provide Piccolo with the treatment she needs, so if her story has struck a chord, please consider becoming her sponsor! Any donation would be music to our (bat) ears, and Piccolo will show her gratitude with her version of a song and dance—that is, a bark and a butt wiggle. Thank you for your support!


Just a little something to help you on your road to recovery. Cheryl Good

Therapy Playground

Much love Piccolo. Feel better soon. Your frenchie friends Curly and Suzy

Feel better sweet Piccolo! Nancy Olson

Please get healthy real soon Piccolo. May your itches soon disappear and all other concerns be cured. You sure are a sweetie! Jackie Mattera and Jerry Keeley

Hoping you get the new life you deserve. Red Door

Hope this helps you get better real soon, precious girl! You are in great hands! Thank you, FBRN!  Robyn Willis

For sweet Piccolo <3 Viara Kostova

Please put towards Picculo med care but also please buy her a little toy too! Lissa Mccarthy

Sweet Piccolo! Feel better soon! Renee T

Little something to help out. Miss Piccolo when you are feeling better maybe you would like to come play with us! Ruby our Boston Terrier has allergies too and is looking for a friend. Much love and non scratchy vibes! The Ralph Family

Piccolo sweet girl. I hope you feel better soon! Thanks FBRN for all you do for these pups!! Camille Windham

For sweet sweet Piccolo! Feel better soon! I want to take care of you forever! :) Renee Torgler


Feel better soon Sweetie- In memory of Abbey. Theresa Walker

Sweet, Piccolo! FBRN will have those itchies fixed up in no time. xoxo Alicia Cervini

Piccolo,Piccollo,Piccollo I'm in love. Proper food (no grain,corn, wheat, potatoes ) No sugar-causes inflammation Fresh air,Shower baths with Malaseb soak , Moroccan Mint Shampoo and Conditioner Coconut oil (topical antibiotic) Clean bedding (400 thread count) Short walks And,love,love,love,of course, Suzi Berg

Feel better sweet girl! Christine McQuillan

Feel better Piccolo - From CeeCee

For Piccolo, feel better soon! Teresa Southwick

For Piccolo. In memory of Kie. Irina Weintraub

Shannon trudelle

Feel better soon little Piccolo. Sending you & foster fam so much love. A fellow Virginian

You are such a sweet little pup! I hope this helps with your itchies and infections. Get well soon! Leila

Get better, Piccolo! Natalie Anderson

erica cantu

I hope this helps to get Piccolo all ready to adopt! Keep up the great work! Michele Rawas

Sending lots of love and well wishes from MD! Love, Cricket the Frenchie (and his mom, dad, & new baby human)