Date posted: 3/30/19
Location: MI

Please welcome Phineas back to FBRN. This handsome creampuff was adopted and returned. Phineas is deaf and he can be stubborn. We realize it may come as a shock to some that a French Bulldog could be stubborn! Let’s just say that Phineas is a work in progress. He can be the most snuggly dog ever, but his resource guarding with food and his people can get the best of him. Phineas might be a handful, but we know the perfect home is out there for him!

Phineas is quickly learning the ins-and-outs of his new foster home. Phin is smart and handsome! As he gets settled in, his foster family is working with him on his triggers and slowly introducing him to the resident foster fur-siblings. Phin’s foster family is experienced with naughty Frenchies and we know they will provide the structure and routine that Phineas needs to thrive. In the meantime, It is clear that Phin still loves to snuggle with his people and soak up all of the attention!

If you’d like to sponsor Phineas in this next phase of his search for a forever home, please click on the banner above. Phin could use a little love and encouragement as he makes his way to his forever home! We know it is out there, could it be yours?


When I saw Phin's photo on Facebook my heart melted. As it does with most of the FBRN posts. Frenchies have always had my heart and if I was able to I would take him! I know it's not much but I hope it helps. Keep doing the wonderful work!! xx Erin Chester