Date posted: 9/1/17
Location: OK

If you still have your eclipse glasses, we strongly recommend that you put them on before staring directly at the screen. We wouldn't want you to be blinded by the sheer cuteness.

Yep, he's a looker, all right, but poor Patches has lived a life of instability and upheaval. He was originally purchased from a notorious puppy retail chain, and then changed hands once or twice before ultimately ending up on Craigslist. Fortunately for Patches, a Good Samaritan spied the little pied prince, purchased him, had him neutered and vaccinated, and turned him over to us for rehabilitation. Changing hands several times in his first three years of life appears to have left Patches defensive and anxious. He feels the need to protect himself and his belongings, and clearly believes that the best defense is a good offense. When startled or feeling threatened, he comes out swinging, cursing like a sailor, and generally behaving in a manner that would make him unsuited for a career in diplomacy.

On the other hand, he was an excellent passenger on the long drive to his foster home, and when he met his canine and feline foster siblings he was a perfect, playful gentleman. He took the resident dogs' lead when it was time for head scritches and rubs from the hoo-mans, proving to us that he has loads of potential to become a great little dog in the right hands. Foster Mom and Dad have already started providing Patches with the stability, guidance and, of course, love he needs in order to learn that he can trust people.

If you would like to help support Patches while he is working on his attitude adjustment, please click on the Sponsor Me link and send him a donation along with a word of encouragement. Thank you!




This is for handsome Patches! From Sally Musallam & family

Good Luck Patches! We know you'll be able to find your happy place! Wendy Smelser

Meredith Riddle

Sending comfort and love to you, Patches. Jason and Christine Kimball In Memory of Sebastian

This donation is for Patches..good luck in your foster home, we hope you find your forever home soon! Titus & Lucius (Frenchie brothers)

For Patches, From CeeCee

Diplomacy is tough! Good luck to u!! Joanne Shepherd