Date posted: 7/27/19
Location: CA

We’re so excited to introduce the lovely Neela! Neela is a two-year-old beauty queen who was surrendered after several health issues were left untreated. She’s receiving excellent care in her foster home and will be a whole new girl in no time.

Neela has made best friends with the vet since arriving to keep an eye on an untreated ear infection and also to work on the best nutrition plan for her skinny body. She is really adapting well to the extra attention and showing her playful, puppy side now to foster mom. She loves to play with toys, get in a good game of chase, and most of all, spend cuddle-time with the humans.

There’s certainly some TLC needed for Neela in the immediate future and with that comes much-needed dollars to afford her care. Please help Neela by clicking on the link to donate and let her know she’s got friends out there supporting her! She’s getting a photoshoot ready to thank you for the help!


Best wishes, Neela, on finding a perfect, loving forever home that all frog princesses should have. Here’s a little something for you for toys or treats or whatever you need. Diana C

Get healthy you sweet little pup! Would love nothing more than to see your mug on the adoptable page! Marriott Visa